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The top 5 reasons you WISH you were Ashley Hinshaw:

Okay, it's kind of hard not to be super-jealous of Ashley Hinshaw. She just burst on the scene in Hollywood, and she's already found huge success and filmed four movies in just one year! Here are the top five things you need to know about her:

1) Her first major role was smooching Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. Not too shabby! Until Blair caught them, that is...
2) Her next on-screen kiss? Oh, just some guy named James Franco, in their movie Cherry. No big deal! (See where that jealousy thing comes in?)
3) She did most of her own stunts on the set of the sci-fi action movie Chronicle (out February 3, 2012), which involved things like falling many stories on a wire at around 40mph. Pretty impressive, no?
4) She does indeed have the "American girl hair and poreless skin," that Blair Waldorf complained about on GG. But being gorgeous doesn't always mean everything comes easy — she told us she's trying her hand at online dating!
5) She's buddies with Miley Cyrus and Ashley Greene in the upcoming movie LOL. Sounds like the most fun set ever, especially if you've seen those pics of the cast splashing around in fountains together!

Annie Akerman for IO Donna Magazine

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